We are a local, family business.

We listen. We care. We help.  We serve. We specialize in helping you move forward.

We are legitimate house buyers in Chicago and we offer a home selling solution which is different from traditional real estate transactions.  As a professional house buying company, our business model is to buy a house, renovate it and keep it as a rental or sell it to a new homeowner.

We like it most when we are able to serve the community by turning an unwanted home into updated and affordable housing for someone and their family through either home ownership or tenancy.

Our Mission

To be the most respected, reliable, trustworthy and efficient home buying company known for integrity, transparency and ethical practices.

This business is how we support our family but is also how we improve communities, one house at a time. We live and run our business by family values and morals. We treat everyone with kindness, respect and empathy. We are down-to-earth, respectful and transparent throughout the process. We enjoy this business because improving homes revitalizes more than the home we renovate, it brings freshness and new possibilities to the new owner, the street, the neighborhood and the community at large.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for every individual and community we serve, through revitalization person by person and door by door.

We realize that in this business, relationships and reputation are crucial. As a professional house buying company we are in the business of knowingly taking on someone else’s problems. Many times the property we purchase is not the root cause of whatever is the problem (such as divorce, job loss, health issue, financial strife). Often the sale of the house is the path to issue resolution and eventual peace of mind. We can help others move forward in as simple, fast and easy as possible. After we have evaluated your issues, and we realize we are not your best option, we will inform you so that you can make the best decision for you, your family and your situation.

Our Core Values

Always Choose Kindness                     We believe kindness should always be at the forefront of any and all communications.  Kindness is the first way we can prove that we care as it showcases our compassion and empathy for the challenges you are facing.

Cheerfully Serve                                      Being happy is our natural everyday attitude.  Spreading our happiness and cheerfulness will help to inspire and strengthen you.  It also helps to relieve stress and allows you to positively approach your situation.

Communicate with Honesty               Seriously, is there any other way to communicate?  Honesty is our only option.  Honesty helps to encourage openness which aids us in providing the best options to your challenges.

Professional Ethical Code                    We believe in operating within a set of standards.  We treat our contractors, vendors, suppliers and customers abiding by an expected level of professionalism, showcasing our respect for every individual.

Full Transparency                                    In order to get the best outcomes, it is important for both of us to be transparent.  We like to be the example and inform you of every step in our home buying process.

Listen with Empathy                              We must have the ability to understand what your situation is and imagine ourselves in experiencing the same situation.  This helps figure out all of the available options which you should evaluate.

Team Centered Operations                Our business works with a team mindset.  While we are working with you, you are a part of our team working together to achieve the goal of moving forward.

Operate Efficiently                                 We use computerized technologies, such as digital signatures, automated workflows, and standard operating procedures, to make our home buying process and/or resource sourcing as efficient as possible.  Time is always of the essence.

Continual Process Improvement      We consistently analyzing what works well and what doesn’t.  Each project has its own set of unique wins and challenges.  After every project we take the time to document the lessons learned and make incremental changes towards improvement.

Many other home buying services do not understand that this a relationship business built on reputation and respect. They end up giving the business a bad name. Some go out of business and many of the ones that stick around follow terrible advice, picking up bad habits and do not care about the people aspect.

We are not agents or Realtors. We are cash home buyers located in Chicago, Illinois. We buy and renovate houses for either rent or sell. You can sell your house fast to us without issue. Real Estate agents, Realtors, are great at what they do. Unfortunately, most do not understand all of the aspects when it comes to situations when sellers want to sell quickly for whatever pressing life issue they are experiencing. The time, efforts, paperwork and fees can be prohibitive for the seller looking to just move forward.

Our #1 goal is you being a very happy customer.
We offer simple, fast, fair, free service.
We have experience with helping people out of difficult situations.
We make our offers with the full intent and expectation of closing taking on oly what we can handle.
We listen to your needs and help you analyze each option for your unique situation.
We realize that the service we provide is not the best for everyone as circumstances and situations vary.
When we are not a good option to address your needs, we will provide you recommendations to other resources as best we can.
We aim to give you a smooth, stress-free transition where you know you made the right choice in choosing us.
We strive to be the best in this business which means being the best for you, our customer.

We are accessible and reachable. The people on throughout this website belong to the faces you will see and will be the voices you will hear when you call, as we personally answer all phone calls and respond to all form submissions. We will call you back.

We understand life situations can become complicated. We can help you figure out various solutions by understanding your pain points, tackling the challenges and formulating and analyzing options. Working with us may mean that you sell your house to us. However, it could also mean that we are not or best option and we give your resources to get you going in the most advantageous direction for your circumstance. A few examples of when we have recommended clients other resources include when we have:

  • Connected sellers with properties in probate to probate attorneys.
  • Connected sellers with moving companies.
  • Assisted with providing necessary documentation to start the probate process.
  • Communicated with banks for homeowners which are in foreclosure.

When we present our offer, there will be no fast talking, no mind tricks, no high-pressure negotiations as we are never pushy or hurried. You have time to evaluate your offer as there is no time limit. We encourage you to continue to seek other offers or to have your attorney evaluate our offer and purchase contract.

We are able to provide the best and highest offers because have our own cash which means the cost of we save time due to no financial conditions. The way we are abe to save time and efficiently save money is a multilayered process. To give some insight, it is the culmination of these processes that create the most efficient savings:

  • Using technology in our workflows;
  • Following a repeatable process standard of operation;
  • Providing electronic document processing including digital signatures;
  • Using our own cash or borrow it from private or hard money lenders which means no conventional bank financing thus no need for bank or financial contingencies or qualifications;
  • Keeping renovations simple;
  • Taking advantage of volume discounts due to preferential pricing from the consistent and repeat use of contractors and suppliers;
  • Donating eligible items left behind to charitable organizations or recycling responsibly.

Begin to move forward by taking the first step. Tell us about the property you must to sell.

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