Here’s How it Works…

You contact us

We meet you and visit the property

We make our offer and you accept

We close and you get cash!


Step 1
You contact us
Step 2
We meet you and view the property
Step 3
We make our offer and you accept
Step 4
We close and you get paid cash
You can either fill out our form and we will call you OR you can call us at 312.508.0700.When we meet, you get to learn more about us and your options. We tour the property to estimate any renovation costs.After the tour, we confirm our estimates and crunch the numbers. You will have your offer within 24 hours after the tour. All you to do is sign and return.After you accept the offer, we send the contract and escrow to a reputable title company. The closing date is scheduled. We meet. We close. We get keys. You get cash.

Begin to move forward by taking the first step. Tell us about the property you must to sell.

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You contact us:

The process all gets started here.  It is completely understandable that you may hesitate for various reasons to complete our form.  We try to make this as simple and pain free as possible by asking for the least amount of information possible.  We need just enough information so we can start the process of evaluating your house and then follow up with you.  You have two options:  

You can simply fill in our short form and submit it and we will call you back.  

The minimal basic information we need which is the address of the property and your contact information.  Please be certain to provide the best phone number and email address where we will be able to contact you.   

The second form is optional yet this information helps us to help you even more by providing more of a complete picture of your situation, your needs and the property.  The more information you provide, the more we know and the more we can help.  The better we can understand you situation and your needs will aid us in providing you with the best solutions for your situation.  Once we have reviewed the information you have provided, we will analyze and then will follow-up with you with a phone call.  We will aim to call you back before the end of the business day or within 24 hours of your form submission.  

You can just call us directly at (312) 508-0700.    We try to answer you call when you first ring us.  If we miss your call, we will call you back within 24 hours – though we aim to call you back before the end of any business day.  When we talk with you, we will ask questions in effort to learn more about the property, your situation and your needs.  Keep in mind the more information you are able to disclose the more we can help.

Here is a sneak peek as to some examples of questions we will ask on the call:  

Why are you selling?
What are your needs?
What is your time frame?
What is need of repair?
What is the age and/or condition of the mechanical systems?  

One of our team members either will answer your call or will call you back.  Many other companies use an answering service.  We do not use answering services as we have found that they are unable to service our clients with our core values in the forefront.  It is of the highest importance to us that we serve you not only professionally but also personally.    If you are interested in seeing who may be contacting you, you can see our team members here.   On the call, our objective is to learn more about the house and you.  We want to help you regardless of your situation or the reason behind why you are selling.  On the same call, we will answer your questions and schedule a date and time to meet one another with the purpose of us viewing the property.  The call and our visit will help both of us to build rapport and comfortability with one another.  

We meet you and view the property:

If our conversation results in this being a good fit for both of us, our next step is to schedule a visit to see the property.  During our visit, we perform an inspection, usually taking about 30 minutes.  Most of the time only one visit is needed with exceptions being when there is a significant issue presented such as a foundation or structural issues.

We can meet you or whomever you designate at the property and we will perform our site visit. This is our best opportunity to meet each other, discuss particulars about the property and it’s condition, as well answer any outstanding questions you may have.  This visit also gives you the opportunity to learn more about us and the options we can provide to you.  It also provides us an opportunity to gather more information about you and your situation and the tour allows us to inspect the property to determine the necessary tasks which need to be completed in order to prepare the house for its next homeowner.  All of this information will be used to create a custom, personalized solution for your unique situation.   

We make our offer and you accept:

After the visit, we analyze and crunch our numbers.  Within 24 hours we will present you with your all cash quick close offer.  The result is a realistic cash offer which meets your needs and our buying criteria.    We encourage you to do your own due diligence including obtaining other offers before accepting our offer.  We want you to do what is best for you, your family and situation.  We want you to be certain you made the right decision when you pick us to buy your house.  We want you to be happy you sold your home to us.  We have no games or gimmicks.  We don’t try to convince you.  We are not trying for a hard sell either.  We depend on the market to dictate the offer you will receive and no factors about the emotions of your situation are factor into our offer.  Although your situation and timeline are the driving considerations, rest assured these elements do not affect our offer to you.  We have a reputation to uphold, want to stay alive a thriving business and we want and need your referrals to family and friends.   

We Close and You Get Your Cash: 

After you accept our offer, the signed contract and earnest money are sent to the title company.  The title company gets to work on completing all of the necessary steps for closing.  When all of these things are complete, closing is scheduled.  We sign papers to transfer ownership from you to us.  We get keys.  You get cash.  Done.

I’m ready for my cash offer!

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Please continue to read ahead as we are an open book and we have lots of explaining to do (TV Show:  Lucille Ball).  Seriously, we want you to understand this entire process so that you are not only informed but are also comfortable with how this process will transpire.   We realize we are not the only kid on the block offering to pay cash quickly for your Illinois house.  You have many choices.  We want to stand out in the crowd by showcasing our transparent and helpful ethics. 


We strive always offer you the most for your property. We guide side by side with you through the entire process of selling your house. We understand there may be emotions you are dealing with and that selling your property fast and easy can help you move forward.

We want you to accept our offer so we aim to always give you a great fair offer from the beginning. We spend a great deal of time and money on our property research which includes driving neighborhoods, viewing and evaluating properties. We don’t want to waste your time, money, energy or expectations on making unacceptable cash offers. We want the win-win results for you and us.

This is a collaborative process where you are an active, engaged and informed participant so that you can make the best decision. We want to serve you, not take advantage of you.


Unethical and misleading tactics:

Many of our competitors, the other “we buy houses” companies will try to give you low ball offers but this is disguised in very clever ways.  The methods by many of competitors are selfish, untrustworthy and do not help either the seller nor the business.    One tactic these companies use is to give you an offer that is inflated and very enticing.  This method is designed to grab and hold your attention, while pulling you in deeper all in an effort to discourage you from pursuing other offers.   However, after they inspect the property they will use any and every issue seen as a way to slowly and tediously deduct from their original high offer.  This tactic can lead to a low-ball final offer price.   Another tactic used is to make an offer without seeing the property and it will be the lowest possible, low-ball offer and will then try for a really quick close.  You will have closed before you could have figured out what happened.

We do not and would not take this approach because we feel that it is unethical and although there will be some wins, ultimately it could lead to a bad reputation and eventually business failure.  No thank you.  

Franchises or not local:

Another disadvantage with our competitors is that many of them are not local or they are local and are a franchisee within a national company.    We don’t knock these businesses for their structure or location.  What we want to point out to you is that they probably don’t know or even care about the area, the people or the community.   As we are local homebuyers, we serve the people of the community.  We eat, sleep, and live in the community with many of our sellers and we want to provide a good service and value to our neighbors.  We have more invested the area and more accountability with keeping our reputation clean and in good standing.  

Not visiting the house:

We will not purchase a house we have not seen.  Not visiting and visually inspecting a property and its surroundings does not seem sensible or right to us, and you may feel the same.   Would you make an offer to purchase house sight and site unseen?  You may recall this saying at some point, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.  Unfortunately, many times this is the classic bait and switch method being used.  You are too smart for that!  DO NOT fall for it!   We visit every house that we purchase and we perform a proper assessment of value and repairs in order to make the best possible market fair cash offer we can to you.

How Our Offers are Calculated

After Repair Value (ARV):   

This value is well known in the real estate industry, it is similar to the appraised value. It is the market price of the property when the property is showroom or HGTV ready – basically, when it is ready for the new homeowners to move in.   

We estimate this value based on current prices of homes similar to yours.  This estimated value is what we think your house would sale for one it is brought up to current market standards with respect to finishes, designs, and layout.  We compare a number of factors to determine the similar properties.  

The ARV is found by researching similar properties which have recently sold within the last 3 to 6 months in the area, also known as comparable sales. Your house is compared to other houses based on various criteria including condition, location (between 0.5 to 2.0 miles), lot size, house style, house age, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and existing exterior improvements, such as a garage.  We pick the best 3 to 5 properties which match your house.   

Our Purchase Costs:  

If this was a traditional sale, you the homeowner as a seller are responsible for some of these expenses.  However, we will be paying all of these costs for you. Therefore, you do not have this financial burden and do not have to worry about paying any of these.  Costs averted!  

Land Survey;
Inspections (village, municipality or city);
Title insurance;
Deed preparations;
Transfer tax Stamps; and
Closing costs.  

Our Renovation Costs:   

After we buy your property, we renovate it and put the property back on the market to sell it to the next homeowner.  These expenses are the estimated costs of renovating or repairing the house to be at today’s updated and upgraded standards.  The expenses are incurred AFTER we have purchased the house from you.  It was during our visit that we gathered a list of repairs and/or outdated items.  We use our visual observations, photos taken, conversations with you and the overall condition of the house to determine the renovation cost estimate.  We have to bring the house to a standard that any new homebuyer will expect of modern homes in the neighborhood.  The costs can include repairs to any of the exteriors, interiors, mechanical systems, finishes or structural improvements (such as fences, garages or sheds).  

What we spend on renovation would be lower than what you would spend because as a business we have discounted pricing on labor and material due to our volume of usage with our contactors and suppliers.  

Examples of the items that are included in these costs include:  

Permits; and

Our Holding Costs:   

These expenses we have to pay while we are renovating the property are the same normal monthly expenses that nearly every homeowner has to pay.  We estimate 3-5 months for smaller projects and 6-9 months for larger projects. These are the same expenses that you will no longer be responsible for once you’ve sold the property to us.  These expenses can vary greatly from property to property.   

These expenses include:  

Property taxes;
Property hazard insurance;
Utilities (gas, electricity, water);
Garbage removal
;Lawn care or snow removal; and
Home security monitoring systems and subscriptions.   

Our Selling Costs:  

Selling a house is expensive.  In the traditional process, these selling costs are paid by the seller.  When we purchased the home from you, these were the costs you were able to avoid.  You did not have to pay these costs since neither of us used a real estate broker or Realtor.  After we have renovated and updated the home to today’s modern standard, these costs are a result of all of the things we must do to get the property listed and sold.  Although you did not have to pay these expenses when you sold to us, we must handle these costs when we sell the newly renovated home to its new homeowner.  We must hire a real estate broker or Realtor and thus must pay all of the expenses you did not have to pay.  We must pay them a commission to list and sell the property.  Depending on the location and market timing and buyer expectations, we may need to use a stager in order to maximize the potential of selling the property faster.  You know, you’ve probably seen this hundreds of times on HGTV.  

These costs include:  

Land survey (if the previous survey is older than 6 months);
Inspections (village, municipality or city);
Title insurance;
Deed preparations;
Transfer tax stamps;
Closing Costs;
Roof certifications;
Home Staging; and
Realtor Broker commissions  

Our Minimum Profit:   

Ok, we know.  Many other investors think it is nuts to even mention our profit and think we are even crazier to disclose this information to our home sellers.  We are adults and we all know that this is a business and that a business must make a profit.  Thus, yes, we want a profit, we need a profit for us to survive and sustain as a thriving and viable business in order to provide for our family, our team and their families.  Sustaining this business also means that we can continue to help others in situations like yours where they need to solve a problem which is related to real estate.   

We need to make a profit from each home that we purchase for the money we make from our transactions is used to pay for our business overhead operating expenses such as office rental, utilities, phone, marketing, software, accounting services, postage, mileage, business taxes, wages and more.  

We try to keep our profit to minimum so that we can give you our highest and best offer and increase our chances of you accepting our offer.  We believe in the velocity of money and we would rather use our time, energy and money to purchase many properties with a smaller profit than to purchase a few properties with a smaller profit.  The latter situation is much more difficult to achieve consistently.  Our profit can and generally does vary depending on how good our renovation expense and timeline estimates are.   

Our minimum profit is based upon what we require in order to take on the risk of purchasing a new property. This is the risk you avoid by selling the property to us. 

Some examples of risk comes from delays due to:  

Labor issues;
Weather issues;
Property age issues;
Property location and surroundings; and
Unexpected issues.

Your Cash Offer:  

Let me explain in the simplest way…  

We present you with an offer, which is the market value of the house after it is HGTV ready MINUS all of our expenses and profits.   

That’s all folks!  

We will give you a detailed explanation of the entire selling process.  You will get an inside look from start to finish on how we calculate your offer.  We do not insult our home sellers.

We calculate your offer based on numbers and leave your emotions and motivation out of the equation. Many times we are able to pay higher or equal to what would be received when a traditional real estate broker or Realtor is used.  

Is there room for negotiation?  It depends.  We can talk with you about your particular circumstance and needs.  We will always work with you to find a win-win solution.  Nevertheless, even if we are not your best option, we will do our best to make the best recommendations to resources and actions for your situation.  

Our contract is only 2 pages in length and is not full of complicated jargon.  You sign the contract and we submit it to a reputable title company and closing attorney.  The attorney orders a land survey and performs a title search to identify ownership, liens (such as mortgages) or past due bills (such as property taxes or water), or judgements.  If there is anything of significance found we can discuss all available options.  We will update you along the way.   

We can close within 14 – 30 days, sometimes sooner depending upon how quickly our closing attorney can confirm clear title. 

We cover all closing costs, you pay no fees!     We close, you get paid and we get keys.  

We take the time necessary to provide you with a professional, personalized, reliable market fair cash offer.
After Repair Value (ARV)
– Our Purchase Costs
– Our Renovation Costs
– Our Holding Costs
– Our Selling Costs
– Our Minimum Profit
= Your Cash Offer


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